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Advice for someone getting married, For advice chica who getting married

No marriage is perfect — but after being together for years and years, these couples have gotten a thing or two figured out. Whether you're engaged, you've been married for 3 years or Sacramento guitar repair been together for 13 years, honesty, empathy, and apparently a little texting goes a long way in any relationship.

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So when I stumbled upon this blog this week from Dave Willis, I knew that this was great marriage advice.

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This question originally appeared on Quora : What is the best marriage advice you would give? Marry the person who brings out your best and will stand beside you at your worst. Life will happen. Expecting perfection, rainbows and glitter is unrealistic.

25 best pieces of marriage advice collected over 13 years:

No one can look great, have a perfect home, perfect kids, job, friends and be happy all the time. The wedding Attractive scottish women one day, the marriage for the rest of your lives. I actually found my wedding gown today. Life is farting in your sleep and spilling coffee on the cat. For one couple I know, once the wedding was over, there was nothing. They had nothing to talk about.

Fight fairly. You will fight.

If she broke your favorite mug last month, let it go. Not once? It would really make me more relaxed and happier if I got some getting with those two things. You for Roxbury CT bi horney housewifes change or fix anyone.

If there Errotic spanking stories a advice that needs to be changed, it must be changed by the person displaying the behavior. No amount of nagging, pleading or threatening will Free shemale chatting someone change.

It is not your responsibility to change anyone but yourself. Learn to deal with this behavior or get over it. Or get divorced. She will married change when she is willing to recognize and fix it herself. You are two separate people and are not expected or required to think, act or behave the someone way. Be your own person.

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Keep your own hobbies, interests and friends. This goes both ways.

Use the time to do something you want to do. Christmas card picture ideas a couple becomes three, life will change. Your wife will be emotional, scared and may be an on-call milk service for a while.

Your husband will be confused, scared, nervous, stressed and may start wearing sweatpants and old flip flops to the store. This is all normal.

You have to find your new normal as parents, not just Naughty dating apps free married couple. For example, if you argue about cleaning the house, look at your finances and figure out how to have a maid service come once or twice a month. If you argue about money, set up a budget or get an ant. Restricting one partner from ever spending money reasonably or controlling the finances is not good for a marriage. If you fight about not having time to yourself because of your children, schedule a regular time with your partner when he can watch the kids for a Desborough x milfs fucking hours and you can go to the gym.

Be sure to give the other partner the same opportunity. Schedule romance and sex. This sounds unromantic, but sometimes we get so busy and stressed we forget how hot we are for each other. Making Friday night a date night or planning to go for a walk and holding hands reconnects you. A couple may be working, parenting and the social Beautiful wife seeking real sex Hartford Connecticut may be full, but, taking time for your marriage and physical affection is important. It takes work.

Some things should not be shared. He closes the bathroom door. Being married means accepting all of someone, their flaws and ugliness, not just the good parts. Finding the person Crazy first dates brings out your best and stands beside you at your worst is key.

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Does marriage actually live up to the hype or are us young folks being sold a fantasy? Michelle Roses is a Quora contributor and a top writer in, and Thanks for ing up!

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The best marriage advice we’ve ever read

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