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Craigslist oc musicians, I am looking up Craigslist that musician slappers

Few local found.

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Los Angeles » Community » Musicians. Up-and-coming mixing engineer looking to gain experience by Pitbull wanted ads your project for free. Perfer metal, punk and hard rock, but have ex Community » Musicians. Reasonably priced Latin Pop Guitarist available for all occasions.

Name: Sonni
Years: 20

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Discussion in ' The Backstage ' started by rjohns1Jun 17, Marshall Amp Forum. ed: Dec 30, Messages: 1, Likes Received: My brother sent me this from the talkbass forum.

Bass player wanted craigslist

This has to be the funniest ad ever, and this guy is clearly off his rocker. Band Needed Hi. Im 20 years old, I play guitar, bass, keys and drums and do lead vocals but cant do all that at the same time so Im looking to start a band.

Thers no other music like what I write out there, so Im not going to bother listing influences when Im only influenced by myself. Im going to be doing the lead vocals, and the guitar too so I musician Craigslist bass and Craigslist bloomfield nm at first.

I might decide we need keys later on, but for now all I want is the rythem section. All the musician is original, and I already wrote most of the parts but not all of them Craigslist, so Best brazilian girls patient until I get it all together and show you what to play.

Since this is gonna be my band, I need to make it clear upfront that Im the boss Ill take your suggestions into consideration, but dont cry like a baby if I Infidelity dating site decide to do what you want.

Ive been in bands before that couldnt handle my profesionalism, and didnt want to work hard toward the same goals, so I think one person needs to be in charge, Female narcissist friend that person is me. No drinking, no drugs, no cigarettes and no women at practice. I dont want anything distracting me from the creative process and dope smoke and women do that pretty well so NO WAY! My musician is going to be a well oiled machine with pro ers and be dedicated, without all the insults and disrespect to the band leader like the last time.

If you want to be the drummer, you have to be GOODhave PRO double bass gear Craigslist more drumes the better, and provide our practice space and it has Which online dating service is better be nice, not some dump in your moms basement.

If the drummer has one, all the better your off the hook. We can work out rides to practice if everyone dioesnt have a car, or I could supply gas money Dating passive girl, but not fill the tank.

Ive paid way more in gas than I ever had toand only bitched about it a few times, so I wont just give money away. Im holding auditions starting tomorrow after 5, unless youre a drummer then we can do it at your place so you dont have to take down your drum set. I might need a ride to wherever yo ulive, but Love in garston just the cost of auditioning.

Thnaks for reading, and reply back if youre interested in being in the best band around, with the most talented people in Omaha right now! I can be firm, but Im usually right about whatever it is, and you'll come to see that soon enough. Trust me, Im gonna musician this band into huge, but we all have to be on the team, and Dating your spouse ideas that IM the quarterback Thanks Wow, just Wow.

Wow is right. MM54Jun 17, Craigslist My brother responded to the ad.

Check it out: I am a professional bass player looking to audition for your band. I play a Pedulla Rapture 4 string bass.

My effects are as follows. I have a full guitar rig also, Marshall 30th anniversary series with matching angled cab.

All three Eventide pedals Timefactor, modfactor and pitchfactor Newark ohio cougars a few overdrives and other boxes, mainly my Blackstart HT Dual. I have a full drum kit featuring Pearl shells, Zildjin cymbals and Tama double kick.

My recording studio is ready set up to record, and can do 22 track at the same time. Our PA system features over watts of power, a pair of 15" monitors, 15" mains, and dual 18" subs.

All with crossovers, 24 channel board, and features Eventide Ultra Harmonizer for vocal processing, as well as many tube preamps from chandler, and a lunchbox for the studio. I realize the only stepping stone we have to figure out is the transportation to and from.

See, I live in Pennsylvania, and you are in Omaha. The commute is going to be a bitch, but I figure, since you are the second coming of Christ, you could infact teleport to practice, or float over the world. I don't want to miss out on this oppertunity to be in the band that ends all bands, and San fernando valley house cleaning the face of music.

Musicians in los angeles: classified from craigslist

I am very submissive, and further to the point require no input in the Craigslist, just a stern whipping when I do wrong, and a small pat on the head when I Talk to single women free right. I don't smoke, or drink, and only consume what my master tells me is ok.

If hired, you musician be my master and will dictate my diet, and all other parts of my life. Don't be afraid, let's make this happen. LPMarshall hackJun 17, Now that sounds like a heck of a good band! No thinking involved!

SlashLP97Jun 17, Bet It's Wallyfuckmartface TwinACStacksJun 17, I'll let you guys know if he gets a response. CrosbyJun 17, If that had been in the New Times San diego land sales in Phoenix back in the mid's, I would have responded just to meet this guy.

If he said, "Where's your gear?

Who the fuck does he think he is, Tom Keifer? MartyStrat54Jun 17, That sounds like something malmsteen would say LOL. ed: Apr 23, Messages: Likes Received: 3.

Best craigslist musicians wanted ad ever

That is some funny shit! ed: Dec 7, Messages: 8, Likes Received: 2, I ed the ad. I will post his reply if I get one. ed: Mar 8, Messages: Likes Received: Best dating site for mobile He sounds like a total control freak but he is at least totally upfront about it.

Of course, I can't see any 'PRO' musicians wanting to be in his band unless he pays them. Show Ignored Content.

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