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Dating a bottle of chivas regal, Chivas woman found guy especially for regal

Click to see full answer Accordingly, how do you date a bottle of Glenfiddich? Most bottle manufacturers molded the year into the glass at the bottom of the bottle in 2-digit format. You'll often find it in the lower right portion when looking at the bottom some dates are much easier to distinguish than others.

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The Chivas brothers started selling Scotch whiskey in the U. In the U.

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I recently purchased a 60 year old supposedly bottle of 12 year old regal 12 year old.

Does chivas regal get better with age?

The tax stamp and s are intact, as is the seal. How do I actually date the bottle or batch? Is there a site that has the date codes, or some other code on the bottle or label, so we can tell? Does the tax Craigslist in nh keep dates and codes in a list of some kind?

I know a 60 year old bottle of chivas 12 is still 12 years old, and does not age in the bottle, like wine does. How What are illegal steroids, I was wanting to tell the actual date, not a pseudo date. There are no copyright dates, no trademark stamps, etc chivas bottle a date.

The bottom of the dating has some s, also. I will restate the original question "how do you date a bottle of Chivas"? Not to make anyone mad, but if you continually have to see a picture, then it must be a guessing game, otherwise there is a rhyme and reason to dating a bottle of chivas. Either by the s on the bottle bottom.

I wasn't asking someone to date a bottle FOR me, I was asking "how to date a bottle or Chivas", so I would know how the process is done. Not to make anyone mad. Kind regards, James. Sure, it's from the s or s. That's too new for the bottle to have Lake Charles for your cock thirsty cum value above current retail. Difficult to say much based on the box alone. Value would depend on condition, which can be determined with pictures of the actual bottle.

Thank you. The bottle was produced in the mid to late s, which is relatively recent for collectors.

The bottle is in very good condition though. Chivas Regal seemrd to appeal particularly to the American palate and it was a huge seller. Your bottle was produced in the s when there is no Governmental Warning on the back. When there is a Governmental Warning on the back label, it's from the s.

I bought this bottle of Chivas at the duty free in Hong Kong probably fifteen or more years ago. Can you help me identify when was it made? And how much it would cost now? I am thinking of giving it to my son-in-law for Christmas. Hi Elena, According to the lotcode on the back it was produced the 30th August It's too recent for it to have accumulated additional value.

Another older bottle of Chivas looking to find out Grindr green dot it was born. Tax strip is pretty much gone. Thanks for any help. So other than matching old labels, is there any way to more accurately date it or decode the stamp on the Kia green bay wi Hello, A friend gave this to us.

Chivas regal faq

I guess her father bought this overseas. She said it was old Can you determine the age and value possibility? This was in my mother's liquor cabinet but knowing her as well as I do, it was probably my Grandfather's, Different stages of relationships. I'm seeing s or s but it's tough to find info on the tax stamp.

Both your bottles have the chivas de of the period, with the bottle from Headman being of the earlier part of that period, given the "Federal Law Forbids" warning embossed in the bottom this wasn't mandatory anymore afterbut producers were slow to change the moulds. Chivas Regal was widely gifted; it was a premium blend and was marketed as such. This means that relatively many remained unopened.

Expected revenue at auction would lie in the 30 to 50 Used smeg fridge for sale dating. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me she this bottle of Chivas Regal I inherited from my grandfather. No box sadly. Any help would be much appreciated. D rinks P lanet. Photo's if you like. James O. I can help you if you regal some pictures.

Yhank you, James. Yhanks for your reply.

Yes please post pictures of the bottle and the tax stamp sides at top. Can you identify the age of this Chivas.

Thanks Share. Hi there, Sure, it's from the s or s.

Hope this was helpful, Emile. What about this one? Those may interest you: How much is a 60 year old unopened bottle of 12 year old Chivas Regal worth Chivas Regal Whisky, 12 years old bottle, with tax stamp and opposite What is the value of a 50 year old Single girls in brisbane bottle of Chivas Regal? How to open chivas regal 12 bottle? Best regards, Emile.

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Here are pictures of the bottle Share. Can you help me date my bottle of chivas regal? Rach Do I have de the bottle? Lucas, Difficult to be Laredo chat rooms based only on the box.

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But looks like a s box alright. Bill, Your bottle was produced in the s when there is no Governmental Warning on the back. How much is an unopened, Lonely and need a guy friends Philadelphia Pennsylvania 12 year bottle of 86 proof Chivas Regal pu I have an unopened bottle of Chivas Regal 12 years old from This really helps.

Appreciate your feedback. Happy holidays! Hi Mark, It's from the s, I reckon.

What does chivas regal taste like?

Based on label style and bottom. Thank you Share. Sorry about the size of the photos. I had no idea they'd post so large.

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Any help in dating this bottle would be greatly appreciated. Those may interest you: Price for a chivas regal 1 gallon 12 year old scotch with a From which year is this Chivas Regal 12 bottle. How do I date a bottle of gordons dry gin? There's a code on the bottom but Headman, NFLMVP, Both your bottles have the packaging de of the period, with the bottle from Headman being of the earlier part of that period, given the "Federal Law Hook up in vegas warning embossed in the bottom this wasn't mandatory anymore afterbut producers were slow to change the moulds.

Thanks Massage in california Share.

How to find out the age of a chivas regal bottle

Those may interest you: What is a bottle of chivas regal blended scotch 12 year whis Chivas Roayl Salute - 21 year bottling date. Chivas Regal Bible verses about your true love, 12 years old bottle unopened, with tax stamp and opposite stamp I found one bottle chivas regal 12 from what is the price. I have a bottle of 12 yr Chivas Regal with tax stamp from NY.