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Hardest american accent to understand, Elite chica Hardest accent to american

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It's true that Indian accent is the most difficult one in the world to understand. In my humble opiniom, I finf the indian accent harder to understand than the others, especially when many of them speak fast, but I must be honest that it's very interesting. Of course, India has many dialects, so it's very hard to say that, and I don't like to stereotype anyone or anything.

I'm American, and American English is my Romantic sexy women in Flomot Texas language. I think the Indian English accent is hardest to understand. When talking to people with very thick Indian accents sound, I often have to keep having them repeat what they said, and often I still can't understand what they said.

I think british accent is more difficult to hear. I love the accent though. I find, the British accent is the most difficult to understand. Mainly those who are from other places in England apart from London, difficult to understand Funny online dating usernames speaking.

Actually,British English has lots of accents,thus to me the most complicated english accent ever is Irish one. I think Indians also have a lot of accents and some are way better than others. Also, we do not come across many accents that are way more difficult to understand.

Effecively, we are comparing only British, American, Canadian and Indian accents here. Further, Australian and New Zealand accents are difficult as well.

I am a native of India. For me American accent is the most difficult to follow. They speak very fast and words Mexico phone sex difficult to pick. Indian accent is very slow,unattractive but easily understandable. I think that New Zealand accents are the hardest.

But I feel like the most difficult accents are generally due to how much slang is used. Certain parts of the United States would definitely be difficult to some people. But New Zealand accents are very strong. I am from Nepal. I understand pretty much all accents but find some british people who pronounce less word in some cases. I also find some aussie speaking. Eg "good day mate" is pronounced as " goodai mite". Some might find Indian accent hard to understand because most of they use "nd" at the end of some words Affair dating site reviews for example "and" is pronounced as "anddu".

American they say "blood" as "blad""economics " Sexy older ladies Malolo Lailai "econahmics".

Chinese for "think" they say "sink". English is all about stress of sound. Western people say "danyabad" for "dhanyabaadh" because they don't speak from epiglotis very often. By the way the word "dhanyabaadh" is a understand from Khas language which is marketed as Nepali which means "thank you". Hmm, last time I checked the good people of Ireland spoke English, and were probably speaking English before the colonies were established - to be omitted when India is included Saying the Irish are the same as the British is, accent, as Does gabapentin make you high to an Irishman and it would be to an Englishman I'd imagine Is the desginer of this poll aware of just how MANY regional dialects exist alone within the U.

K alone, nevermind Ireland. IrishRegulus Yes, I am, but the are hard so many options available in the software and we cannot add hundreds of choices. No one's saying that Irish English is the same as British English, but we have a limited list.

India's a big place with many speakers. You'd probably have a better case arguing against the inclusion of New Zealand, which has a population closer to Ireland's. I am an Indian, so of course, I don't have difficulty understanding Indian accent. I don't know about other non-native 20 first date questions speakers, but I find all British accents very hard to understand.

Also Chinese; I just can't say if they're trying to speak english or chinese. Doesnt mean that I Sexy brazil girls 'putting on a fake accent', It just means that Indian accent is the worst of all english! Say like instead of using engage they alter it with "Intimate". Also, the frequent usage of "the same" and "revert". Indians on this thread will normally answer that they do understand Hindu-English, guys are you with us? Not on the list I Private escort gosford say, Chinese is kinda hard to reciprocate.

Anyway that's my two cents. By the way, I'm Filipino. I find AmE accent a little bit to noisy if you believe! Wellit's full of r-r-r-r.! I am myself a Persianlearning BrE for 5 years and I just love the accent and alsoI understand it much better. This poll is idiotic, how can you put an Indian person speaking English in the poll. If that's part of the criteria then you have to Washington dc escorts massage in Japanese people speaking English, Italian people speaking English, French, French Canadian.

These are eccents fron other countries. This kind of poll will be very subjective.

I am Smashing pumpkins tickets toronto. Russian is the easiest to understand to us, beside Indonesian English of course. Russian is very good at saying R sound. Oriental English like chinese and korean is the hardest to understand because they use no R. Good God! Indian accent? A very good example is 'Dr. Rajesh Koothrapalli' from the show 'The Big Bang Theory' It's only his accent which is way too clear and might I say cuter than others'.

Almost every Indian has that type of accent and I think it isn't hard to decipher it, not even in the slightest. On the contrary, British accent is way too fast Langdon ND housewives personals unclear, consequently it's hard to pick up the words sometimes.

The accent isn't difficult but understanding it, by others, obviously, is difficult. I am quite au fait understand American accent now but still facing little difficulties to decipher all the intricacies of it, it's slangs, for instance.

But its just because I Would he cheat not a american American. You kidding me? India has got a billion indian accent varying from north to south to hard. I guess it is because of their rate of speech and tone. I am a call center agent and I get a lot of Indian accents.

The challenge for me is when I my caller tends to speak so fast and they're still using their native tone. If they could just enunciate and speak clearly. Used cars seattle for sale am from the Northern most state outside of Alaska.

The natives called it "land of sky blue water". Iowa is the supposed place of a universally understood by any English speaker. I speak a hybrid of Iowa and Minnesota.

Which english accent is the most difficult to understand?

I have never had difficulty being understood with people with other English accents. I think highly educated people from cities like Delhi and Mumbai have Naughty wants casual sex Evansville near to standard British accent. For Indians, I think it's hard to understand when a south Indian speaks English.

My point of vew Hello, my name's Fred form DR Congo.