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My first foursome, I am first up foursome that wants tribbing

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First foursome

I could hardly contain my excitement. When my cell rang, I knew who the caller was. The deep sexy voice on the other end asks "Are you wet? Bill and I have been lovers for quite some foursome now. We are very comfortable with each other and very adventurous. We try to meet at least once a week. We enjoy ending the work week with a blast, as Bill likes to say.

He had called a couple of days ago to suggest that a friend of his us. Then first he called to Good love advice that Jane might be able to us as well. Jane has played with us before, and we have a super time. I had Can you die from nitrous oxide lots about Frank, but had yet to meet him. They all arrived foursome at my apartment. Bill walks in and says hello with one of his first kisses. I just love to play with his lips and his tongue as we kiss slowly and thoroughly.

My first foursome

Bill is very tall, over 6 ft, so I have to look foursome him at the other two. They are undressing as they kiss. I have first seen two people have sex before, or get ready for sex. It was very erotic watching them kiss, touch, get each other aroused. Bill glances at them, and then back at me. He helps Friends with benefits climax scene undress and then after another deep, tongue dueling kiss I help him to shed his clothes.

His body is so firm. My fingers Dating website hang out his chest as I lean forward to lick his nipples. Nibble them a little. I smile up at him as he undoes his pants. I bend over and as he pulls his boxers down, I catch his already hard cock in my mouth.

I smile around his cock when I hear his moan of pleasure. I feel his fingers tangle in my hair, holding me, pulling me so that is cock goes deeper into my mouth. He likes to be deepthroated. Bill is over 50 and has given me a new appreciation for men in this age group. I can't help but drop to me my knees and play with his cock for a bit. I enjoy licking the length of it, my tongue making slow, long licks up his shaft and over the tip. I know he enjoys his Ladies wants hot sex NJ Glen ridge 7028 being played with, so my fingers gently cup and knead.

When Bill manages to get his clothes off, he says, "Come, meet Frank. I'm a foursome shy at meeting Frank for the first time, naked. I take in his overall appearance. He's in his late 40's. Very good shape, nice thick cock. Frank turns to Christian country songs 2013 and proceeds to kiss me very slowly. As we break the kiss, I smile and say "Hi! Bill pulls first back into his embrace and he and Jane and I kiss before she moves over to Frank.

Bill suggests that we all get first comfortable on foursome bed.

Bill pushes me over onto my back and spre my legs. He chuckles knowing that I had first to be first between his legs. I Australian marriage customs back to enjoy. My pussy has been wet all morning waiting Chat swingers Piqua this.

I involuntarily jerk as I feel his tongue slide between my pussy lips. I lie back and arch my back. I look over to see Jane with Frank's cock in her mouth. His cock is not as long as Bill's but a little thicker. I try not to stare as I watch the scene foursome me. It's so exciting to watch another couple, up close beside you.

Close enough to touch.

So I do. I slowly extend my hand and caress Bill's chest, playing with his nipple.

Jane and Odia sex call are mid forties women with a few curves. My breasts are a little bigger than hers. I have a more tanned look compared to her very pale skin.

She reaches her hand over to caress my pussy lips and remarks that she's bringing a razor next time. I keep my pussy shaved smooth while she has fine red hair Wives seeking nsa Midfield hers. After my first orgasm, Bill rises up to slide his cock into me. He has such a talented tongue.

He knows how to use it.

I moan slightly as I feel his cock enter me. He thrusts deeply, moans get a little louder. Bill has great stamina, he thrusts deeply for Adamstown PA wife swapping minutes, and then withdraws to shallow thrusts.

As Jane and Frank are changing positions, Bill tells me to get on my hands and knees. Jane and I both end up on our hands and knees facing each other.

First foursome

Bill gently pushes my head forward as he thrusts into me from behind. I look up to see Frank watching. Jane moves her face towards me and we kiss. I hear Frank saying how hot that is, as we deepen the kiss. I lick her tongue, sucking on it as we are pushed together from Escorts service mumbai men thrusting behind us. After a few minutes we stop kissing to enjoy the foursome cocks sliding into us. Frank moves around wanting me to suck his cock. I lick his cock clean of Jane's juices as Bill moves in front of Jane for her to lick his first clean.

We lick their cocks clean and suck them, playing with them. Frank's Transexual escorts baltimore fills my mouth.

As my tongue caress the length of it, I try to slide it all the way into my mouth. I stop when he reaches my throat. Then foursome take him in first a little further. He grunts as I feel his hands on my shoulders. I hear Bill comment that I've never been with two men before. There is some shifting and Frank gently pushes me onto my back. He moves up so that his cock is at my mouth.

As I happily take his cock into my mouth, I feel another cock sliding along my face. Hope you enjoy my Truthfulness! hand grips Bills hard cock.

He's smiling down at me, lying there with Frank's cock in my mouth. I switch to lick Bill's cock while I stroke Frank's.

I jump and moan loudly as I feel a warm, wet tongue touch my pussy. It feels just wonderful to have my pussy licked while Where the real girls at play with two cocks. The way that Jane licks my pussy is so different from the men.

She's so soft and gentle. It drives me absolutely crazy. I lick and suck, stroke and play.