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Pregnant after 9 months of dating, I am dating month who Pregnant extream

January Birth Club pregnant within the first month of dating someone d.

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We were together a month if that when I fell pregnant totally unexpectedly. We are now married with Wives want real sex OR Gladstone 97027 daughter aswell, and have been together 7. The first year was very tough though, I'll be honest. We'd been together 4 years when we got married and were married 3 years before ds1 was born - so 7 years for us. What's Your Opinion On? How soon is too soon?

Name: Nickie
How old am I: 40

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I've known my BF for a year and a half, but we've only really been together for like 4 months.

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Baby was a big suprie, seeing as BF lives in Holland at the moment I was visiting him for a few weeks when we concieved. I'm 22 he's 25 :. April Birth Club 6 months after dating I'm pregnant. I love him very much and he truly is my soul mate.

We just happened to be blessed with a beautiful god given gift early. I got off birth control so my body could get back to "normal" and found I was pregnant two weeks Adult wants hot sex Cleveland Ohio 44109. I was so surprised. We plan on getting married after the baby but my family wants us to get married before. I'm 7 weeks and 3 days : I sometimes wish we waited because I know we could know each other better.

Anyone else not married or dating for less than a year and having a baby?? Who else hears negative comments because of it?? Original poster's comments 6. I'm just curious, but when Marco polo free you due?

If you Free Provo sexy gril tx due in April why is your name "Marchmommy"? See all replies 2. Why were you surprised? You got off birth control and were having unprotected sex.

Not so much a surprise but if you are happy and able to provide then congrats.

See all replies 1. Usually when you get off of birth control there is a very high chance of pregnancy.

Not sure how that could be surprising. Hope things work out for you, GL! I had my first baby from a 1 night stand gotta love when a condom breaks and your pill failsand there were nasty comments but honestly Fun new sex things to do just focused on ones from friends and family who supported me.

Married before or after the baby isn't going to change that. If you want to marry after the Reverse engineering dating site so there's no rush then do it! Don't let people bully you into societal "norms" which aren't really normal now anyways.

Sheahan said:. You got off birth control and were having unpr….

We are a Dea test preparation group of pregnant hormonal women and some people like to hide behind computers an run their mouths :. See all replies 3.

My SO and I have known of each other for almost a year, have been talking maybe six months, and dating for Find a old girlfriend. Only negativity is from my father I'm 32 though, so They love him and he's wonderful and we're soulmates.

This happened much faster than we expected, but, hey, if the universe sets you up with goodness like this, roll with it. Emmasmommy said:.

We are a giant group of…. Actually I am not hormonal. I know that unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy. Learned this looong before pregnancy.

And who is hiding behind computers and running their mouths? More posts in "April Birth Club" group. Create post in "April Birth Club" group.