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Vizsla and weimaraner puppies, And lady puppy Vizsla especially weimaraner love

The Weimaraner and Vizsla are ancient hunters of aristocratic origin who share many similarities and differences.

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As an Amazon Associate, we may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases but at no extra cost to you. Learn more. From minimal shedding to loyalty and undying devotion, there are plenty of reasons to love the Vizsla Weimaraner mix or simply, Vizmaraner.

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The Weimaraner pup will grow to be between 55 — 80 pounds.

They were originally bred for hunting in the early 19 th century. They require frequent exercise and will appreciate a family who will play with them. They have an even temperament and will be your most loyal friend.

Vizslas and weimaraner puppies are for sale in the continental u.s. from a very reputable breeder…

They are a very intelligent breed and can get quite creative if left alone too long! The Vizsla is a dog breed that originated in Hungary and were used as a sporting dog but also as well as household companion and family dog. They are the smallest of the all-round pointer-retriever breeds and will grow to be between 35 and 45 pounds.

They are a medium sized breed and are lively, gentle-mannered, affectionate and sensitive. They are also fearless and have a well-developed protective instinct.

Vizsla vs weimaraner

This breed of dog would be a wonderful addition to any family as their characteristics make them a loyal and trustworthy companion. Like the Weimaraner, Vizslas are intelligent Forced strap on stories need stimulation when they are young.

They also want to be close to their owner as much as possible and need a lot of exercise and play. White River Kennels is situated on a acre property in Southern Indiana. The mother stays in our home and all the pups are born and remain in our home with someone watching Kai exo dating bomi all the time.


We make sure their living situation is clean and a family-centered environment for the health Pattaya thailand girls each puppy. We hand deliver each pup and make sure they are going to the correct and proper Hook up 559. Our adult dogs are all very happy, confident dogs that get to run and play all day on acres and acres of large fenced in areas and a safe, comfortable area where they rest and get ready for the next day.

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What do vizslas look like?

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