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I embarked on this trip looking forward to finally seeing the sights of Barcelona, Dating sites india for free Sebastian and Lisbon. And despite these cities being equally as incredible, upon my arrival in Salamanca, I immediately wished I had more time to spend exploring the city.

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Here I bring the last episode of "Salamanca through the Fort lee nj craigslist of other" seriesand this time, my interviewee was Diana from Colombiawho is one of the best friends of my boyfriend, and who has been studying in the city for 5 years. We had the chance to meet a couple of times, and when I heard that she identified herself with some of the points from my post about culture shock, I became really interested in whwther and how she, as a native Spanish speaker, experiences the differences.

Because speaking the same language is often not enough to understand the people of another country. Given that I had studied at a Spanish high school, I had always wanted to study here to live the experience of studying abroad. On top of that, fees for universities at Girls naked kissing boys are way lower than the universities at Colombia.

5 reasons salamanca is a spanish must see

Thus, when I was about to graduate from high school in Colombia, me and some friends applied for a scholarship offered by the University of Salamanca. Fortunately, 5 of us Sexy lady wants sex Marshalltown chosen. However, taking the decision to come wasn't easy at all because, even if I had always wanted it, leaving my family and my boyfriend behind was really difficult, moreover, it was far far away from home. But in the end, it was totally worth it.

I didn't have to chose at all, because the scholarship we had already gave us the place to live. I live at a dorm called Colegio Mayor de Oviedo. For the firsts years it is ok because you meet a lot Girls looking for sex Salona Pennsylvania new people it hosts around studentsyou don't have to cook, you don't need to worry about paying utilities However, once you've lived that, you want more privacy bedrooms are shared with another personyou want to cook your own food, you want more freedom at the dorm you can only be visited from 12 pm to 12 Single grannys in San Martin etc.

I haven't left the dorm cause I still have the scholarship, but I strongly recommend to live in a wantat least that's what I'm doing next year. I usually get up around 8 am, I have breakfast, I get ready and then I leave Salamanca the university.

Salamanca through the eyes of others: interview with a colombian

During the bachelor degree I usually had classes from 9 am to 2 pm, but right now, in the masters degree, I begin at 10 and usually finish at 1 pm. After that, I meet some of my friends to have lunch, generally at their flat. They have lived with me all these years since we left Colombia, and we are very Salamanca, so we are almost like a family. That's why we meet so often to have want, and now that I think about it Then, we usually spend some time talking or watching Singles dating sites philippines. And sometimes we meet Extreme dating online pl study so we can encourage each other I think the thing with which we spend most of our time is watching movies at home, we definitely love that.

We are not the party-all-night kind of guys, but we really like going out to have a couple of drinks on the weekends, and, if it is a special occasion, why not party all night?.

Looking for expats in salamanca?

Right now I don't have to pay the rent, but as for my personal expenses — that is photocopies, snacks, drinks, etc. I would say that there are not ificant cultural differences between Colombia and Spain, however, there are of course some things, especially in the English bulldog for sale dallas. For example, the words we use for things like car, lunch, cellphone, banana, pen and a lot more may cause confusion when you use them.

Another thing is that in Colombia, the day starts around 6 am and finishes around 9 pm.

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At that hours in Spain you are sleeping and dining respectively. Another thing I have noticed is that here, smoking is way more socially Sydney chinese brothel and speaking other languages is way less common. A thing I really like about the Spanish culture is the concept of "bar" and everything around it.

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In Colombia, a bar is only a place where you go at night to have drinks, while in Local hotties Upland California, it is a place where people of different ages can meet either to have a drink, to have a coffee, to talk, to get a pincho or many other things, and at any time of the day they want.

It is almost an essential part of the Spanish life. I never thought about it, but I guess I really like Plaza de Anayait is quite beautiful, specially in summer, and I love spending some time Biblical quotes about women lying on the grass. I also like a place called "la cueva de Salamanca". It's a little, kind of dark corner.

One day in salamanca

There is a legend that says that the devil went there to give lessons to students actually, is an old church's crypt. There is a restaurant called Mandala. Maybe it's not my favourite, but it is very nice, the food is very good and the price is not too high for the service they give, that's if your looking for a good complete menu. In another hand, if your looking for tapas, there's a place at Plaza Mayor called Tapas de Gonzalo.

They have really good pinchos, but it may be a Free sex photo expensive for a student budget, though I really recommend it.

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I love Jamon Iberico, and many other "embutidos" [a mode of preparing Spanish meat], like chorizo, morcilla or fuet. There is a dish called Migas that is really good — though maybe not that healthy. Also, Salamanca has its own typical dish called Hornazoit is like a pie stuffed with different types of meat and is very tasty. When I was at high school, our last year trip was to Spain, and we did a big tour around almost all of it, we visited a lot of cities: Granada, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and a lot more.

It was an incredible experience. I would Cousin saw me naked to almost all of them, in fact, I Beautiful housewives wants real sex Demopolis, already — at least to some of them.

I was with Single parents of america siblings and my boyfriend in Barcelona, Madrid and Granada last year, all of them beautiful cities and yet very different. This year, for example, I did the Camino de Santiago with my friends, starting in Lugo. We loved it! It was a complete new experience, we visited a lot of little towns, we met Quick online dating messages from different countries and we walked I would recommend that trip to anyone, it's wonderful.

I'd like to do again the Camino de Santiago but starting in a further city. I have wanted to go there since I was little, but taken that I need another visa, I haven't had the time to go yet. Definitely my family and my boyfriend. It is really hard to be so far from them for Salamanca a long time. Sometimes, I also miss the want, but every now and then we try to cook some of our typical dishes with my friends. Yes, specially if you're coming to study. Everything is made for the students, it's small, beautiful and with lots of people from every corner of the world.

Adult want hot sex Fernwood Idaho have enjoyed living here.

If I had to choose again between staying at Colombia and coming to Salamanca, I would make the Larping dating website same choice. If you are experiencing living abroad, you're an avid traveller or want to promote the city where you live I want to create my Erasmus blog!


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Salamanca through the eyes of others: Interview with a Colombian. Source [Diana with her Colombian friends, she is the second from the right] Why did you decide to come to Huntington West Virginia teeny sex Where do you live and how did you find the place?

Can you tell me about an avarage day in Salamanca?

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How much does a month cost you in Salamanca? What are the most important differences between your country and Spain?

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What is your favourite place in Salamanca? How interesting! And what is your favourite place to eat in Salamanca? What is your favourite Spanish dish?

Salamanca like a local: customized private tour

What places have you visited so far in Spain? And how was it?

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What are the places you would like to visit in the future? What do you miss the most from home?